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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
Hey Ken... Did someone leave Vision3 and open up Excelsior? It sure looks that way to me. Their products look like exact copies of Vision3, who we know was founded and operated by some guys who left BK. Will Vision3 be launching legal proceedings against Excelsior just as BK sued Vision3? Why bother with the new upstart selling an identical line of products to an established competitor... is there a significant price advantage?
Really....I am sure they are not the "exact" same. They might look a like but gees, so do these:

Check these out:
Flush mount, louvered, well sealed, approved for use with either 20W MR16 or LED MR16 lamps.

Or you could go really expensive and look at:

Not much difference.... except of course in the price!

Just saying....
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