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I have been reading all the replies to this post and it strikes me as odd with all the people that are down on the lawn care business. My company started 4 years ago and has had steady growth since day one. No I havent netted 100K but I will do my best to get my company to that point and beyond. It took me 3 years to net 50K. So im hoping another 3 to hit that 100K goal. Im not bragging dont get me wrong Im just pointing out that theres always work. Yes the economy is bad but I think about like this, the people with jobs need to be working to keep up with that mortgage and dont have the time to be in thier yards. Thats where people like us step in and provide the quality service that the fly-by-nighters wont give them. An english speaking Lawn business owner is a breath of fresh air for a ton of the customers I have come across. If you want advise for this business I suggest this...Persistance, dedication, and keep that overhead low. Just be fair and honest and the customers will call. I doubted myself in the beginning and 4 years in im already pricing out expansion options. Good luck to you....unless your in my area
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