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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
No, I don't think that design layout (which is en vogue right now, and one I use often) is inherently better than what you have. I also have the personal opinion he's not a "designer" as much as he is a guy who plugs in your info and hits the publish key. Again, there's nothing inherently wrong with that as it fits a budget.
SEO-wise, that site you referenced suffers from many of the same issues yours does, leading me to believe he's not really much for SEO, either.

So, just so you are aware, this is what your $300 seems to be getting you...
He'll put your current content in to this, hopefully licensed, theme:

Again, as long as it's done right, the $300 is probably not far off from setting up a small site and plugging your content into it. The problem I see is that he just doesn't seem to be very good at doing it.
So what your saying is I should just keep what I have?

I think it serves its purpose. And I'm high on the SE list.

I'm not really sure a better website will pay off.
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