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Originally Posted by TwoBrosLawn View Post
Love this thread. i can say i think im on the right track. in business since 2005, full time since 2011 just grossed 41k solo last year.(lawn and snow) all used mowers and truck. i just bought a 2nd truck, used dump and a new but used price enclosed trailer (7x14 rc $3600). and got a buddy helping me this year becausei have grown a little more. I got 3 year round apt. complex contracts, 1 hoa common area, 25 residential accts. i have debt but its not breaking the bank....i typed this on my phone so excuse the grammer.
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Whoa! Only 25 residential accounts and 41K? How many apartment contracts do you do? Either I'm missing something in this post, or I must be missing some serious strategy here.
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