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Originally Posted by TMAC669 View Post
From reading this post my set up must have been up to snuff as MSP's finest pulled me over just outside of Flint, he looked at my set up with a fine tooth comb, heck I think he even called the dealership where I purchased my mowers to check to see if any where reported stolen as the dealer tag is still on the mowers along with serial numbers. Officer was upset when he had to let me go without some kind of ticket. Right before I was about to drive off he asked me about a weapon as he looked in the database and saw I hold a CCW permit. In Michigan when pulled over you have to let the officer know immediately when u have your weapon on your person. My reply was, "officer I don't have a weapon on me" Darn I can't even get him for not disclosing that little piece of info!!!! ARRGGGHHH==Police Officers reaction.
I would of filed a complaint hahaha. I'm pretty sure it has to be illegal to pull someone over for no reason. My has got pulled over in his semi because the officer heard a flat spot on his trailer tire. So he did a full truck inspection and marked the so call flat spot with a marker.
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