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Honestly? Figure out what turns you on and learn the heck out of it. Is it plants? Structure? Site design? Then pick something you think sucks and you have no interest in, and learn the heck out of that too.

I'm not an LA but I work around them (sometimes cooperatively and sometime competing) and what I've seen is there's no standard stock template of "this is what an LA is/does/knows." I met with one who was blown away by the fact that I know how to design structure and do construction drawings because she has no clue. And right now I'm doing a planting plan for a homeowner who hired an LA for the hardscapes (dude is so talented and did such an amazing job I hate him. Seriously want to poke him with a sharp stick) but when this guy did the planting plan it was weak. 77 azaleas is not a Japanese garden.

So, know what you want being an LA to mean for you, and when you get into the field and realize you're not doing that, you'll have to decide whether to change your perception of the role or change what you're doing.
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