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Originally Posted by Turf Dawg View Post
I have a question about the mulch kit. I ordered the new number and recieved it but the bolts do not line up. The two center ones work but the far left one is about 1/4 hole off and the far right one [discharge side] is at least 3/4 hole off. Do I just need to drill these or are they suppost to line up? Also, the rear discharge has about a 2" gap between the deck and the mulch plate. The mower is a 36" RH 2007 [i beleive]
Bill I had the same problem with the first kit I ordered for my 08" 36" FD. The bolt you speak of wouldn't line up at all. Wright sent me a new one and it worked. You still have to push that one hole to get it to work but it does work.
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