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(8) Clump River Birch Install Bid

Am I on the right track with my bid?


I'm proposing a project that involves planting eight 14' river birch trees. My cost per tree is $124.20 tax included, so $993.60 total cost for the trees.

I have a 14' dump trailer so I was planning on taking 4 trees x 2 trips so I don't damage the trees. The distance is 15 miles from the nursery to customer at around 30 minute drive time.

I can rent a compact loader for $255 per day with auger and bucket attachments.

Trees $993.60
Compact loader rental $255
Labor (2 laborers $12/hr @ 8 hours) $192
Gas $125
Mulch $35
Disposal of Soil Clay mixture: $100
TOTAL: $ 1,700.60

I am thinking bid price of $2,200 for the job so I stand to make roughly $500 on the job if my cost estimates are good.


The auger will make 24" holes and I need at least 28" to fit the root balls into the ground. Suggestions on how to do this are welcome. I was planning on using the auger and then having my laborers use shovels to widen the holes.

The ground is somewhat wet and according to my customer has a lot of clay below the first 3-4" of topsoil.


Should I make the holes wider than 28" to allow the roots rooms to spread out and not stunt the trees growth?

Should I add some kind of organic soil amendment? NOTE: The area is low lying next to a drainage swale between properties so there will be plenty of moisture for the trees.

What would you guys figure for labor hours to install these 8 trees?

I was also planning on mulching on many inches? I figured 2.5" so a couple yards with 3' radius rings.
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