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I really agree with Mr. G. Don't get me wrong...To each his own. But, all this about basically letting customers run your business is nonsense. If that is the case, then I would sit home half the time with nothing to do. Many want to wait until the grass it two weeks past needing cut in Spring to call, then they want it cut yesterday. They want you to skip when there is a drought, but don't want you any sooner when you have lots or rain and end up double cutting. Good luck getting double pay. Or they think it's too wet, or too this, or too that. Then you my friends end up driving all over town and back wasting gas to try to make these people happy.
It's my business, and I run it. Not my customers. If you want to work on major holidays, it's your business I guess. To me, it just looks sort of bad. Just because you may or may not be religious doesn't mean your customers are not. They may take offense to it. I am sure if you are behind, many would understand. I work hard Mon-Fri and use Sat as a make up day if needed. I have probably worked 2-3 Sundays in 10 years. And that may have been a couple of properties just to catch up. But, that's just what I choose to do. Life is not all about money for me. It's about having a little life. And that is a benefit of your own business, especially as you grow. You can be a little more flexible and let employees do more work while you take care of things you have to do sometimes.
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