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Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
Yea, old video. Not a fair model Dixie and I don't believe the Cheetah was in high gear.

And now Husqvarna PZ6034FXZT does 18 mph!! I'm not sure how. I believe they're using the same set up as the Cheetah. Only difference is the PZ has a switch which keeps the deck from being engaged in the higher gear. Something I'm sure that can be gotten around.

Looks to me like Hustler still has the best system. One speed, huge pumps, huge motors, huge cooling system, huge warranty. I'm concerned on the other two that the pumps won't hold up if they're worked any where near their mid to upper end. Guessing similar problems to what the earlier Hustlers were doing and these other two don't even have anywhere near the cooling system that even the earlier Hustlers had. I guess time will tell.
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