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GIA- That is what I am thinking with this SumaGreen Turf product. It is a little cheaper in the long run then the fertilizer I am using anyway and the fact that it has no chemicals I think is a big push for the area I am in with the water all around us. I figure I can raise my price by 20% while basically spending less on treatments.

The best part is I can still sell to the regular clients the same thing (product) on their lawn and not have to worry about carrying two different products. The fact I can co-apply it without the worry of changing my sprayers around with the product makes it a lot easier and less time consuming.

Was there anyone on here that changed from chemical fertilizers to Organic (or all natural products? I was wondering what the difference in your charing was and why? I mean did you just raise the price becuase your were now organic or was it becuase it cos more to do. Thanks
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