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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
you wanna cookie for that.

not everyone values holidays the same. I think if you wanna work the holiday work the holiday. if you don't, don't. the only 2 holidays I'm ever off is Christmas and new years day and that only because it's winter and if there's no snow. it's pretty common for me to be working all the other holidays unless by a miracle I would be all caught up with my work.

as for rain days. those are when I do the things I would done on my days off had I kept on schedule. makes no sense to me to be off tues due to rain and still take off sat. so on tues when it's raining I do what I planned to do on sat so I can work sat. I usually try for 2 days off a week, usually try for sat and sun but sometimes the weather screws that up. doesn't really matter to me what 2 days I get. there are plenty of jobs where you get diff days off each week so why should my business be any different that I have to have every single sat and sun off no matter what.
sure!! i'll take a clients and their neighbors respect us more for the way we operate...and yes we care what the guy next door thinks even if he is not a client....after all our clients have to deal with them every day...its all about repect for your employees, clients, and others around you....btw, we work in the rain most of the time...(unless lightening is present)
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