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let me address the clients running my business deal. I just mean I don't run my business with the attitude that you are gonna do things exactly how I say, when I say. it's not a my way or the high way business. they write the check so they have some say.

as for when I come, when I don't, when I start the season and when I end the season. that's all my descion making. clients don't tell me when the first will be I tell them. they don't tell me when the last cut will. I tell them.

working the holiday. I usually clear it with the clients where I'm gonna be before the holiday. this year I didn't have to though. they all called me to let me know it was ok and that they wanted me to get there yard done.

as for clients neighbors. I'm still not concerned with them unless the client mentions something to me. if the client wants me there on Easter Sunday the hell with the neighbors. if they want me there thanksgiving forget the neighbors.

that's just me though and how I run my solo business. if I can keep up and maintain a mon thru fri schedule great but lots of times I get behind and weekends and holidays are needed to catch up.
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