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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
The SCAG and Husky are going to feel sluggish as the 5400 pump/motor combo isn't as "direct" as the Hustler. Then again, the Hustler feels sluggish compared to the eXmark.

The eXmark can and does wheelies from half stick to full stick. First mower I ever used that was that responsive!

Not to hash the "how fast can you really cut and get a good QOC" again, but the Exmark also tops out at 11 mph. The lower gearing of the unit causes it to have more torque. The others would be like pulling out from a stop in a car or truck in second gear. Hp/torque of the engine will probably effect this some as well. I've seen more than one thread that people have commented the new Super Z is faster than the old. They both supposedly do 15 mph. I wonder if they're felling quicker response and fast acceleration form 0-15 mph and this makes if feel faster. I do think they've taken out some of the lower hp rated engines they use to give as options and are now mating them with a more reasonable hp package. Keeping people like you and me TLS from buy these gutless EFI Kohlers on machines that need more hp.

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