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Originally Posted by Lightningllc View Post
Ya landed some homes for a builder. Sod and sprinklers Their gonna do 350 homes this year I'm just getting the west side stuff. Fun fun

I was just wondering about sod I'm buying as much as I can now.

I was wondering what everyone gets for installs per yard average home we are doing is 15000-20000 sq ft

What does everyone charge.
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Ohhhh boy, better hope there terms are net 5. That is some big dollars to have sitting out for 60-90 days. 350 homes would avarage 3 yards a day sprinklers, graded and sodded. Back in 2000-2001 majestic did a TON of pulte work and there sprinklers crew did three systems a day and there grade/ sod crews would do 4-5 yards a day. They had more Mexicans running around than u knew what to do with. Two grade foreman and a sprinkler for man
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