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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
I don't see it as a nice of disrespect if I want to work at my clients property and there neighbor happens to be catholic.

respect is a two way street. you say those that work on the holiday don't have respect for those wanting to celebrate it. well I say those that don't work have no respect for those that want or need to work on the holiday.
who gives those that celebrate the holidays by taking a day off from work the right to mandate that all people take the day off from work so no infringes on there holiday rights? everyone has rights. rights to work on the holiday or rights to take the holiday off from work.

this arguement goes 100% both ways.
FYI, your decision to work all the time is yours to be made. Your customers must like or don't mind if you work all the time, sounds like a working relationship. Please keep working if that makes you and your customers happy. I will remain happy taking my Holidays off and so will my customers.
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