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Re: $15.00 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Originally posted by Rustic Goat
$15.00 is your typical lawn, really, that's bad, ever think about moving?

I'm not saying this in any attempt at humor either, that's just terrible, $15.00, why not just give it away, become the first not for profit/charity LCO.

Anyone reading this thread, is that price correct, this guy needs some help, or is it Ohio?
I live in a semi-rural area of East Tennessee and that $15.00 price for a 3/4 of an acre yard is much too low even for here. Some of the lowballers I've seen advertise in the paper "cheapest prices anywhere" might do it for that though. Like I said earlier most LCO's here typically get 30-35 and maybe $40 per cut. If I knew all I could get was $15 for that size yard, I believe I would just stick to my full-time printing job.
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