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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
Hasn't been "several" years. 2011 is the title.

Here's why:

It has a 2011 SuperZ and a 2011 Cheetah in it. I'm not up on JD's anymore, but the 960 isn't that old. The Lazer is a Next Lazer, which other than the old DC, has the capability of being the oldest in the bunch.

So when we say old...we mean 2011 old, not several years ago.
Correct. 2010 or newer. The one in the video is a 2010 model, and not that it would have made it any slower really, but it is the only one hauling a 72" deck in that group.

There is a video I have seen several times on Youtube that shows some people racing various Scags against each other, and in one of them they say that the Cheetah GPS's at 17 MPH, but it obviously can't get to that speed (if at all) in the short distances this race was run. Clearly the Hustler was faster on the distances run here, and if the Cheetah actually can hit 17 MPH, it won't be doing it on anyone's lawn, because the guys in the vid had a quarter mile or more of wide open running to do it on. Not many lawns have that long a stretch of straight mowing to do.

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