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Originally Posted by adam.neusbaum View Post
After topdressing a stressed out lawn I suggest they wait 3-4 weeks before cutting, especially during this Spring drought. The customers face is covered with terror & fear. How am I gonna explain this to the lawn guy? Then you should see them when I suggest they also tell him to cut it as high as possible from here on. Why do they respond this way? Because most lawn guys have an ignorant chip on their shoulder that they know what's best for the lawn & the homeowner should just stay in the house behind closed blinds. How do I know this, 'cause I was just that touchy 15 years back when I was cutting grass. I say if they act like babies about not scalping St. Augustine during a drought then get rid of em 'cause there's plenty of others that would just love to cut the lawn at 5". BTW all my friends are lawn cutters so don't take it personal, unless of course you're the touchy-type.
I think we are all touchy types to some degree, for me its not cutting grass its art work and as an artist I'm sensitive about my works of art, lol.

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