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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
GMLC will you be side discharging or bagging first thing?

Other than maybe the main idler and front wheel bearings, the lack of grease zirks do not bother me if it was done correctly. Coming from the automotive industry I've seen first hand that it can be done and can last. The problem is thought is not always put into making things last. I'm considering Husqvarna PZ as well and Q on here seemed to very honest about needs. He told me to keep deck bushings on hand as they go through them. This is an example of a poorly thought out system. I don't mind replacing worn items at the 2000-3000 mark and up, but earlier than that and I don't consider it a commercial grade unit .

If I didn't already ask, how many hrs. do you have on your units watsmi57?

What are the concerns on the hydro gear trans? Wasn't aware of any problems yet. Seems like quite a few companies are going that direction. It would be nice to see a cooling system incorporated into it. Pushing 13 mph may be over working the system, similar to the earlier Hustler SZs.
I'm going to side discharge at first to get a good feel for the deck before I start bagging. I was nervous about the hydro-gear transmissions as Ridin' Green said they are just so new. Gravely told me they have run the 5400's for 4 years now with almost no warranty claims so I'm comfortable with that. They do have cooling fans on each unit. Same with the lack of grease fittings, almost no warranty claims on spindles or other non-greasable parts so I'm ok with that as well.

I hope to bring her home today! Then I'm going on a mission to find some grass to cut early!!!!
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