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Fluid Film Gun, big thumbs down.

I received my gun a week ago, used it for the second time today. I experimented with psi ranging from 20 to 100. I was never able to achieve a smooth application. It would literally spray in globs, leaving some areas bare, while others were covered in a..... glob.

Also, with my old spray set up I could undercoat AT LEAST two trucks with one gallon of FF. This time I used half a gallon on just the underside of a dump insert.

And my last complaint. I said I used it for the second time today. After the first time using it a week ago I set it down on the workbench and have not touched it til today. Today when I picked it up I realized the trigger mechanism was missing. Somehow the C or E clip popped off, and the pin slid out, therefore dropping the trigger off the gun.

So I wasted $30. If anyone was thinking about buying this gun, I strongly recomemnd avoiding it.
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