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Originally Posted by Brown & Co. View Post
I wouldnt advice going to college for anything other than the certifcations or license you need to do business.

it could take a me a year for 50 and I expect to increase indefinatly forever by 25% every year...thats my numbers.
Originally Posted by snomaha View Post
You might want to rethink that college thing or start using spell check.
Hey don't fault him on his spelling, he's to busy planning his landscaping empire to use stop and use spell check. Think about it, 50k his first year and an increase of 25% indefinitely after that. That means by year 5 he'll be making $122,000; at year 10 he'll be making $372,500; year fifteen he'll pass that million a year mark and make $1,136,868; if he stays in the business until year 25 he'll make over $10,500,000 that year. One would think with such an increase in sales each year one would be receiving plenty of buy out options from the national companies. But if the company is such a cashcow with such growth one would be stupid to sell it for very little when compared to what it WILL indefinitely bring in each season. If he holds onto it, at year 35 he'll be just under the billion dollar mark. If he has children that take over the family business and continue his successful growth, at year 62 they will make about $40 billion dollars. So I guess we should all plan on closing our businesses in the next 50-60 years since there will be no customers left for us.

i just remembered this thread was about NET profit, which will even more impressive when Brown & Co is making the numbers listed above.

So Brown, here is my question for you. This first year you are planning 50k a year. So 1% is worth $500. I will give you double that, $1,000 for 1% of the business as a silent partner. If you grow the business as you say you can, it won't take long for that 1% to be paying dividends high enough for me to sit on my couch all day and live a life of luxury with out needing to lift a finger.
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