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We have a 2007ish 32" walk-behind. Honestly, I am not impressed with it's performance. The mower has a VERY hard time fitting through a 36" gate because of the rear axle/tires, which I suspect share parts from a 36 inch... We mow mostly lush fescue in Atlanta.

The cut looks nice sometimes, but all too often we struggle with a strip of uncut grass between the two blades. We are running a full mulch kit with baffles, and currently gator blades. I am trying different blades to try to perfect the cut.

The engine smokes like crazy. Absolutely unacceptable. Three dealers in Atlanta have not been able to figure it out, and have been no help contacting Gravely or Kawasaki for a solution.

The wheel bearing in one rear wheel seized up, causing the retainer ring to spin in place, which in turn wore the axle out. This caused the groove to wear down, and the wheel fell off many times. After two trips to the dealer (Dallas Mower) without a proper diagnosis or solution, I ended up discovering it was the bearing. A wheel shouldn't come off a mower like this.

Other than all those issues, the machine is great. It's quick, pretty easy to handle, fairly light, huge fuel tank, easy to service (maybe because I'm getting so much practice ), not too loud, and it is solid on hills. I could handle all the mechanical issues if the cut was better, but I think double cutting a lawn with very little growth is unacceptable.

I really hope the manufacturer reads this and is able to help with some issues.
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