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I sent out 10,000 total pieces of paper in (2) 5,000 mailings. I would say i got a total of 30 calls off the whole deal. Most were for spraying or mulch/ clean ups when I targeted mowing. Not saying it was a bad deal but I was really thinking I would receive more calls. I think a few things led to lower numbers. First, the spring came so quick this year it was on us before you knew it and my flyers went out the week we started mowing so people might of already had called a company a week prior to me sending my flyers out and second, it seems more and more are mowing their own yards.

The things I learned about it was I can get the work if I lower my prices some for spraying and such. On the opposite side of it is I can charge a little more for my mulching. I don't think it was a waste because now 5,000 houses seen my name two times. It's all about building recognition for a new business as I am only in year 2 of business.

One thing to consider is call your post office you plan on using. Ask if they accept larger amounts of bundles besides 50 pieces. I had one of the post offices I used call me and ask for my input on how things when and she said they actually accept bundles of 100 and sometimes even bigger if you make arrangements with the office. This would help from having to make so many pointless 50 piece bundles.
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