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Originally Posted by JABBERS View Post
The x-factor deck doesn't shoot grass out like my old exmark does, I just tried them out side by side. Maybe there is better blades not really sure.
That's my fear about the X factor deck, but the deck isn't baffled as heavily underneath as the Ultracut, so it should be at least a touch better. My biggest complaint about Exmark is their fine cut dry, but it goes out the window with any moisture heavier than light dew. Almost everyone here runs them, so I get to see lots of their cuts on a ton of different turf. They all clump when it's wet. I simply will not have that on my lawns. I need an even dispersal, and the 7 Irons do that extremely well, and their cut will match the UC in dry conditions. I cut right next to several of them and we get to compare all summer long.
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