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Our experience with Ultimateflora on sandy soils in central Florida has been awful.
In the four years we have been watching it, it never develops a thick vertical root system. In full sun it constantly exhibits drought stress.
I am seeing where sod companies sold a customer "Empire". When in fact the growth habits even as long as 4 years later make me think it is "Ultimateflora". In the Villages I have seen them side by side and there is a distinced difference.
We treat both Empire lawns and Ultimateflora. We have Empire that is cut at about 3/4 of an inch and all the clippings are removed. It looks like a golf green. Three houses down the street we have one that is cut at about 3 inches and it is fluffy but beautiful.
We warn the people when we pickup a yard that we feel is Ultimateflora. It is usually someone who has resodded in the last 4 years and has already tried at least 2 other companies.
We are starting to see Jamur show up here. I like the color the best of all the local zoysias. It is more of a blue/green. So far, drought resistence and spring green up look good on it.
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