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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
I like residential lawns because of the extra work.

In commercial, it is a lump sum contract for all services right down to if the plant dies. Or somewhere in between but they pay 12 months.

Residentials are between 9 months to 6 months but we get paid extra for fert and squirt, mulch, flowers, shrubs and such. Both have plus and minus.

A good residential will pay more per SF than a commercial but not bring in enough to pay the bills. If I ran without Comp and 2 million in GL then Residentals would be better. Most want to pay with CC which takes another bite.

I am not sure if blending the two is a good idea or not but the Residentials fill in the gaps, cover expenses and keeps the guys happy.

Now why are we talking about working on Holidays and Weekends again? My workers like to have family time and Holidays. I pay them Holiday too.

If you guys want to work it then so be it. I know of no legit company that works Holidays and Weekends and if they do they pay holiday pay and overtime.
let's see legit company's like target, walgreens are open a lot of holidays.

being legit has NOTHING to do with it. this attitude that the entire country should shut down on holidays and weekends is ridiculous.

maybe in your neck of the woods LCO's don't work holidays and weekends but it's common practice for most to put in 6 days a week on a regular basis in my neck of the woods.

Originally Posted by Roachy View Post
I suppose the guys that answered yes are also out doing fall cleanups on thanksgiving
I do if I need to and have clients who don't mind me being on there property. there's always some who leave town and since they aren't home, they don't care if I'm there.
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