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Thank you to all who replied with useful feedback.

I visited a local mower shop yesterday that sells both brands. They did not have a PB-255LN on hand, but they did have the 125B, PB-250, and the 125BVx (the blower-vac version of the 125B). The 125BVx has the second handle similar to what the PB-255 has, a rubber overmold grip (that the PB-255 does have, but the 125B and PB-250 do not have), plus it is less expensive than the PB-255 and offers the vac feature too. I left with the 125BVx.

They assembled it, filled it with fuel, and ran through the starting and operation procedure with me, which was unexpected and very nice of them. I paid a little extra compared to buying it from a big box or from Amazon, but it's good to support local businesses - especially if they may be servicing that item in the future.
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