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Originally Posted by A.T.T. View Post
I went through this on friday, I'd been doing it out of my maintenance trailer, and then I did it out of the dump.

My dump is level with the height of my wheel barrow, so instead of getting a shovel full and lifting it in, you grab a big shovel full or just scoop and slide it across the floor of the dump trailer and into the wheelbarrow. There isn't any lifting.

I figured that I could load a wheelbarrow twice as fast as I could when I lifted it, and when it runs out near the gates of the dump, you lift it and slide all the mulch to the back.

With that said, I had to do it at a large resi and it kinda sucked bringing the heavy dump into the field and out back.

It all sounds dumb, but I was surprised how much difference it made.
I have 2 guys who work for me and they do all the shoveling so i really don't care if its harder to lift the shovel lol
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