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it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

sure there are some who work holidays or weekends that don't like but you have a whole slew of people, like myself, who don't mind it for one reason or another.

no everyone has family and not everyone gets together with friends or family on the holidays. those are the ones who work so some of the ones that do have get togethers can be off.

that is what I try to convey in here with every "who's working this holiday" thread. there are no laws, no rules about working the holiday. those that take it off seem to get so worked up over those that are working it and think EVERYONE should take it off.

do what works best for you in your situation is what I say. I personally don't celebrate most holidays. they are just another day for me which is why if I need to work and can get the ok from the clients I wanna do the work at, I will. otherwise I'd just be sitting around the house in front of the tv or something.
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