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Dig - Do you use bags or truck the mulch? Bags might be a little easier to handle and use but also more expensive in my area. I haven't got all my contracts back yet, but some people are just a little slower. Right now I'm calculating about 95% customer return. Some I just didn't offer another season (weeding out the difficult ones) and some just cannot afford the service or were not happy for some reason or another. But then picked up 5 more residentials and at 2 commercials. One of them being a 6 hr job with two mowers (3 athletic fields and 2 school grounds). I was hoping not to have to buy much this year but may have to after all, we'll see. Yes we Definitely need some rain though. Last week of April looks like some rain in this area, so I'll do the seeding jobs the end of this week and hope for some moisture. If not, guess we'll have to hook up the programmed sprinklers - never had to use them this time of year before.
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