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Originally Posted by bigdaddycain1216 View Post
i have a local co-op that buys what i need and stores it in their buiding for me so that i dont have to keep it in my small shop. I am the only person that comes up and buys this stuff so I know they do it just for me. They are selling me the 50# bags for 21$ and I know that is probably higher then what u guys are buying it for but like i said i dont have to come up with truck load money up front cause they store it and i just go up and get a pallet or two a week. Wondering what everyone else is paying for the same product??
Yeah $21 per bag for smaller quantities of barricade is a good deal, plus you have a storage spot for it.

Here, one of the main suppliers has once again raised his price, and cut not only phosphorous out, but also potassium, so now its just 19-0-0 with dimension, and they want $29 per bag! Thats with no storage!

So another new guy wants $24 per bag of 20-0-0 with a high percentage of barricade designed for single application, around .50 or so.

But if you really want to save, get into a big buying group with a whole bunch of other large companies that together buy 100's of pallets every spring, and you can about cut that cost in half! In the mid 90's, I worked for a very large Lawn Doctor franchise, and he was in a buyers group, and paid around $5.50 per bag for 16-5-10 w/Team. But we also got 18 wheeler loads in at least twice each service in spring.
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