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We lease a few machines..this is our 2nd season doing it. We couldnt be more pleased with the program. We pay 4k for the machine and they do all the maintenance and repairs (oil,blades, belts, spindles, etc) on it. All we have to do is drop it off at the end of the season.
"The first year you get a BRAND NEW machine then every other year from then on."- Says the contract.
BUT For me, i have them tag my machines so i get them back year after year. This prevents me from getting someone else's such as Brickmans (Beat to death) mower.
This way i know exactly what they have gone threw.

We figure after 1000 hours the repairs begin and some of the major ones can be pretty expensive! Like $1500 for the part plus labor!!

My Dealer is pretty cool too, last year my dealer was so busy and couldnt get me in so i decided to change my oil on the LEASED machine, They reimbursed me with 3 sets of mulching blades for my OWN machines.

feel free to ask me questions.
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