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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Have you run any numbers to how many hours a year you need to put on the equipment to make it effective. If I have a piece of equipment that only logs a few hundred hours a year, it likely would not be worth it.

Is this a dealer offering the service or a 3rd party? I can see this as an great opportunity if you know you are going to utilize the equipment at least 50% of the time... IE 1000 hours.
Yes we have done our numbers, i cant remember off the top of my head what they were specifically, as i wasnt the one who did them. But It works for us! The way our routes are set up, we WILL reach the number of hours that we have to unless we loose like 6 accounts. We always use the leased machines as much as we can opposed to the ones we own.

Also my Dealer provides this service. No 3rd party! IT USED TO be a 3rd party but they realized how much money they could be making so they started providing it themselves. I know i am "throwing out money" because i know the maintenance isnt 4k worth but its okay. I rather rent the machine and not have to worry about repairs, downtime and resale value!

Anyone who has ever tried to sell a commercial mower know how hard it is to sell once they have a tons of hours. You always worry about getting what you think its worth yet NO one ever wants to pay that price!
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