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Originally Posted by TTM42 View Post
I have been thinking recently about leasing mowers instead of buying them, I have been wondering why spend $10000 or more on a depreciating investment that has a limited write off when you can lease a piece of equipment and have a new one every two years so you always have a warranty. I know you don't have ownership at the end but who wants a 10 yr old mower that won't be worth anything at the end of that time period anyway? Also, I was wondering if there were any tax write offs that you can get if you lease your equipment instead of buying it. Im sure that you guys here know the pros and cons of each so Im interested in hearing your response.
When the graham rudman tax act took place it eliminated the advantage of leasing over buying. Using a straight line depreciation now is as good as it ever will be. Save your money, buy your equipment and sell it for scrap or
keep for spares. Don' t give up your money for interest/insurance you will be required to have for the sake of a lease. It is no longer worth it any more.
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