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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Well it is not funny, it is a real concern. Landscape and construction EQ is stolen all the time and is a top target. I know a guy that had a truck and trailer driven off a jobsite leaving him with the tools being used. That can shut down many lco's pretty quick.

You say you know you are paying too much but it likely is not too extreme if the 4K includes the EQ, major repairs, maintenance and insurance. You have a like new piece of equipment every year. Down time is expensive the equipment is just a tool.
Oh i didnt mean it was actually Funny how EQ gets stolen. I know its NOT! i've been there! I spent 7,000 dollars on this tracking system for 3 skidsteers and 4 enclosed trailers. After someone broke into our shop and ALMOST got away with all of that! I happened to be sleeping at the shop that night and saved it!

But yeah your second statement is dead on! That is why we continued with this program this year!
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