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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
When the graham rudman tax act took place it eliminated the advantage of leasing over buying. Using a straight line depreciation now is as good as it ever will be. Save your money, buy your equipment and sell it for scrap or
keep for spares. Don' t give up your money for interest/insurance you will be required to have for the sake of a lease. It is no longer worth it any more.
easy-lift guy
I think in some regards, it depends on how hard long you run the equipment but for the most part, I prefer to buy too.

As I said earlier a few hundred hours buy but at some point in time it might make more sense,,, I have not run the numbers.

I also lease stuff I do not use very much of, however I think they call that rental. Some Highway construction contractors lease large equipment too. The large Rental places are surviving on that pretty well right now.

There has to be pros and cons to both and a way to figure it out.
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