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Originally Posted by teamgreendude View Post
COOL THREAD DUDE AND PLEASE KEEP THOSE PICS COMING PLEASE ! I meet with Steve Nagy who's an arborist at Davey i think? Do you guys mowing the progressive insurance headquarters ? I also saw the Davey booth at the 37th annual student career days and it was pretty sweet!
Ya one of our branch's crews mows the Progressive Insurance building.

Originally Posted by Mowerboy04 View Post
im not to fond of davey, they are the low ballers in are area.... i have gone up and bid against them a few times, and there always the low bidder by quite a bit. And from what ive seen there work is pretty bad. Maybe its just our branch who knows.
O really well all branches aren't the same I can tell you the work that our branch does is very high quality.
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