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charge by hour

Originally Posted by CozyHollow View Post
Hey, I ain't saying I'm stupid and this comment ain't sayin' I'm dumb either ...but from what I gather in the above quote: 2 yards.

I'm stickin' with this formula.

I was also told to charge customer $125.00 per yard. Any thoughts?
I charge by the hr. because sometime you have to wheel the mulch a long ways to get to the beds. Also if there is edging and weeding involved. That will add time and even more time if the job is done later in season say like June. All those weeds have had a chance to sprout up, as opposed to mulching in April before the weeds arrive. I usually add %0 to the job and hit the beds w/ Preen
or I use Lesco's version. It is a pre emergent weed control granule. It helps good luck!
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