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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
as a business owner trying to put food on my table. I'm not concerned about disturbing the peace. I will the law as far as noise ordinance goes buts that it.

I always check ahead of time with the clients I plan on working on the holiday. if they don't want me there I won't show up. but that hasn't happened very often. most seem to go away for the holiday and since they aren't home, they don't care. I could care less what the neighbors think.

does that mean if you know a neighbor works third shift and is sleeping when you come you would change the time you come? doubtful. same principal to me.
Let me guess, You just got home from working and just now responded.
Most people in a neighborhood are home on the weekend and you know it.
Some companies run on saturday and I know it. Big deal.

People come home and see the lawn is over grown and they just got paid but do not want to do the lawn this week so they call me. Guess what, big deal.

You seem bent on telling me you do not care, I do not care you do not care. I do not work weekends unless I think I want to meet with a client but I rarely actually do any work. That is me. You made your point clear too.

Sooner or later you have to set boundries.
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