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There is nothing libel or slanderous about the online review or least nothing enough to warrant chasing down the poster. Seriously....

Anyhow i have yet to see any beast mowers at any of the home depots near me (there are 5 within 20 min), i have seen the shredder/chipper but they sat all last year and sits there today.

Honestly, Gordon, any growth you have seen last year was due to getting in bed with HD. That growth was isolated by HD picking your machines up and i don't think you will see any growth with staying power. Reason why i say this is I have yet to see one in NE Ohio (HD's or consumers). I live in a populated area and not a one, plus what ever beast products HD brought in are still there from last year.

I really want to see one so i can give an honest review. I was a buyer for 9 years, i have experience with products mfg in the orient and assembled here.

Should be interesting.

I also think GXI bought BOP or Bad Boy bought BOP.

Time will tell
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