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Dig - good choice on staying clear from the commercial - I have just a couple now and say no to the rest. I used to bid them hard, but 80 percent of my complaints would come from them - too many chiefs that all want something different. Our businesses are probably very similar. Most of my customers are "summer people" as well who only stay here a few weeks or few months out of the whole year. I am slowly getting to the place where we take on only the very best customers and can 'weed' out the others. I also have a heart for the 'local' people (especially elderly) who also need help and try to keep our prices where they can afford it too.

I also have always been a GM guy but haven't been at all impressed since the government rescue. Leaning a little towards Ford all the time, we'll see. Congrats on the new truck, she sounds like a beauty! =D
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