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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Generally those terms are used to describe mowers as follows

1-finish mower is usually used to describe a mower that leaves a very fine finish cut behind on a lawn like a ZTR, mid mounted tractor mower, and walk behinds, both wide and 21"

2- rough cut mower is usually used to describe a mower that is pulled behind a tractor for road side mowing, pastures etc, a brush hog or something similar

3- trim mower usually is used to describe a 21" or similar sized mower for trimming areas that are to tight or small to get with a wider walk behind, or ZTR or tractor
Ok so being as I use my toro's for small areas that the ZTR does not fit, or entire lawns that the ZTR is overkill, that makes it both my finish and my trim mower?
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