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Originally Posted by lawnboy11 View Post
How is the market for lawncare programs only, without weekly maintenance? I know true green does well enough, but it would seem difficult to get a lot of application only customers (fert, weed control, etc.). That's where the money is. I now require all maintenance clients to have at least a fertilizer program or I won't waste my time. Any comments??? Anyone just do applications and work for themselves? Thanks!
At Lawn Doctor where I worked, we owned 3 Franchises that operated in parts of 5 counties in 3 states, and we had about 3500 regular lawn service customers, then he bought another franchise and got another 1000 customers or so, that got 6 apps per year, plus countless extras like seeding, lime, aeration, grub control. Plus we had hundreds of tree/shrub care customers. I'd say the owner did about 1.5 - 2 million dollars in revenue annually.
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