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I just did a large concrete driveway that looked like it hasn't been cleaned since it was installed 20 years ago. It was 1000SF driveway i used a cold water pressure washer and wet the whole driveway, then I used a mixture of TSP(Tri-sodium-Phosphate) and Bleach, you can get both at any hardware store. I went through two boxes of TSP and 3-4 Galllons of bleach. Mix 1/3 of the box of TSP and half a gallon bleach with 5 Gallons of warm water so the TSP dissolves or mix it really well with cold water. Brush it onto the wet driveway (i did the driveway in different sections) and let it sit for 15-20Min then go back with the washer and all the dirt and grease comes right off. Looks brand new customer was pleased. Bleach and TSP are both inert so its fine if it gets on the lawn or plants it wont hurt them. Good luck
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