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Originally Posted by James Cormier View Post
One BIG thing your missing is this.

How many lawns can you mow alone? Using your numbers you make 175 profit per customer..My guess is a one man show can take care of
60-70 lawn mowing customers?

look at it this way. You mow 70 customers $35 per mow (again using your numbers) that is a yearly gross of $87,700

A one man fert guy should easily be able to handle 400 customers, really much more if you wanna work your tail off... but using your numbers that same guy will do $144,000 in gross sales.

My customer base average is 535 per customer...using that 400 customer base my gross sales should be $214,000 gross sales. There is no way in hell I can mow and make that same gross number.

Oh, and to answer the first question on the post, Ive been a fert & squirt guy since 1986. I offered mowing for the first 6 years after I started my own business in 1994, it took me a while to figure out that was not what was making my company money
You are right James. That was just one customer and an example of the different routes to yearly profit. As I've grown I've started charging more and my profit has increased.

While I would love to do apps only, my town just can't support that. Maybe in a few years I will have picked up enough to just do apps ans can expand to the neighboring towns or buy some accounts. At this point I need to mow to pay the bills. It is easier to get mowing accounts than app accounts. I then try to upsale. Over the last 3-4 years I've done a high end post card, have a lettered truck, and leave signs after applications(which isn't required and only i do). So far i'm not at a 100 accounts per round yet.

With the size of my area I can do around 20-25 a day and would love to have 300 accounts. Work for 2.5-3 weeks per round and spend the rest marketing or vacationing, something I can't do with mowing. Hopeing some bids come my way and a crew can be hired.
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