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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Mowing on weekends in residential areas disturbs the peace IMHO. The worst is the guy doing his own lawn and it takes him all day. You know he does not enjoy it because he waited 3 weeks to do it.

I understand retail stores being open on Saturdays so people that work 5 days a week like most Legit Business might need to buy something.

I just do not see landscape as something essential that needs to run outside of conventional business hours. Having said that, I would rather run out and meet a homeowner on a Saturday than 6:00PM on a weekday.

I take no offense to someone working sundays and holidays. I just do not support those activities.
Could be true, but I disagree with the blanket statement. I have a couple of neighbors that spend the complete day working in the yard and they enjoy that. I have 4 acres and do the same sometimes. Yes I have 2 72"s and can get the yard done in about an hour with a helper. But on somedays I will fire up the smoker and smoke some ribs and mow and weedeat and trim bushes and trees the complete day.
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