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This is another reason NOT to grow corn for ethanol, which even environmental groups have admitted is a dead end, and might be as bad as gasoline in the problems it causes. Ten years ago, South American countries like Brazil who grow huge quantities of corn and run their cars on mostly ethanol, seemed like geniuses ahead of their time. But now we know that ethanol wastes resources like Phosphorous which we are running low on and need for food crops.

But Obama and the Dems dont seem to care, neither does ex-democrat presidential candidate Wesley Clarke. He works as a big lobbyist for huge agribusinesses in America, who send him to the White house to push for tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize them growing corn for ethanol, even though they dont need the damn money since they are already worth billions of dollars, and ethanol is a bust, but apparently, the dems will or already have given them the money to waste our resources growing corn for ethanol. There are other problems with this too, such as the fact that other farms will grow corn for ethanol, instead of food crops, causing a drop in food crops and higher prices. Thats just the beginning. I thought Dems were the champions of the environment? I guess not........
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