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Originally Posted by Mark Oomkes View Post
Yeah, I know.

Too bad more of the public "servants" don't uphold their vows to obey the Constitution. Starting with the president and moving right on to Congress. Right down to the weigh master, etc.

I do feel bad for you guys, all the state motor carrier and weighmasters on this side of the state are decent, for the most part. There was one a-hole in Wyoming, but he hasn't been too bad of late. He was learning on the job, taking half hour to 45 minutes to find something in his book to write people up for. He didn't even know the laws. There is one jerk out of Wayland post that has made life miserable for some of the commercial trucks down that way.

You guys contact the city commissioners and state reps\senators to complain about these jackwagons? If not, it might be worth a try.
Keep talking like that, Mark, and we're going to start to explore our Grand Rapids expansion initiative!

You assume that we have responsible local government. Its an open secret that the city commissioners are the ones encouraging their own CE officers to keep the money flowing in. Its all about the $$$ - they could care less about who they are shaking down to get it.
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