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Originally Posted by BBLawn View Post
Typical "public servant" trying desperately to justify his value to society. You may point out to Mr. Weighmaster that this exact topic was brought up during the hearings and the legal opinion received in return by the legislators was that there are no federal funds at risk in this matter. It was never the Fed's intention to regulate intrastate commerce for vehicles under 26k lbs. No surprise, the WM is speaking of things he knows nothing about, and wrong again.

That being said, don't get too excited about this bill coming through right now -- it is not the salvation we are all hoping for. Basically, all this one will allow us to do is take the DOT #'s off the trucks, lift the hours of service limits for snow plowing, and you no longer have to fill out daily inspection logs. Even if it passes, you will still have to carry your med card, and be subject to all the roadside equipment "inspections" we have today.

The holy grail bill that will make all this fix-it tickets hasn't even been sent to committee yet. We have the Farm Bureau on our side pushing for it, but even so I'm anticipating this one will be much harder to get passed.
HB5228 when it passes will change the threshold for compliance with federal DOT rules to 26,001 and up which is the Federal level except for certain vehicles in intrastate commerce. That includes current regulations including cell phone use, medical card etc. It passed the house unanimously and is now in the Senate transportation committee. I'm sure there are state vehicle codes on the books but when this passes vehicles under 26,000 will not be held to the federal standard.
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